3ds Max is freezing during first rendering

Note: this article is in the "Obsolete" category because we have not received any reports about this issue for a long time. If you have experienced this recently, please contact us!

This page applies to the following problem:

  • 3ds Max is freezing during first rendering
  • The issue does not happen with other renderers
  • There are no Corona error messages or warnings

Possible cause:

It could mean that 3ds Max is ran with process priority set higher than "normal". You can check that by going to task manager and inspecting priority of 3dsmax.exe. This can be triggered by 3rd party software which was configured to override priority of 3ds Max or all starting applications.

Possible solutions:

  • Make sure that the priority of the 3dsmax.exe process is set to "normal".
  • Either remove the 3rd party software which is causing this, or configure it in a way which will not affect 3ds Max.