Missing maps/assets - DrServer is running with elevated UAC rights (as administrator)


Sometimes, distributed rendering problems which are very hard to diagnose, such as missing textures and other assets, may be caused by DrServer running with elevated UAC rights (running as administrator). By default, if UAC is enabled, Windows do not show network-mapped drives to applications running as administrator. As a result, 3ds Max, which will also get started with elevated rights, cannot access assets which are stored on network-mapped drivers unless UNC paths are configured.


1. Post-1.3 versions

Starting from Corona 1.4, there is no need to run DrServer as administrator.
If for some reason it is ran as administrator, DrServer will show a warning. In such case, the solution is to launch the application without the elevation.

2. 1.3 or older versions

to get rid of the problem, it is advised to update Corona Renderer to the newest version.

To fix the problem when using Corona 1.3, either:

  • Run this .reg file on each node PC: [link]

This should fix the problem permanently (restart may be required).


  • Manually disable elevated rights for DrServer.exe on each node PC:

  1. Locate DrServer.exe, go one step up, and select the root folder where DrServer is installed
  2. Right click on the folder, go to properties, security
  3. Click "edit"
  4. Allow "full control" for all users/groups on the list
  5. Apply - this should set the permissions to all files and folders inside

After that, you should be able to go to properties of DrServer.exe and uncheck the "run this program as admin" option - if it's greyed out, you will need to go to "change settings for all users" and uncheck it in there.

See also: Required asset file could not be located

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