I can see dark / bright strips in my rendering

For distributed rendering to work properly, all of the PCs taking part in it should be rendering exactly the same image and then submitting its parts to the master PC. The strips (banding) visible in the image usually mean that some of the nodes are rendering different image than than others. This could be due to:

  • Different gamma settings - make sure all gamma settings are set to correct values on all of your PCs
  • Rendering from a camera object native to other renderer - it is recommended to use the native Corona Cameras or 3ds Max cameras only
  • Using plugins unsupported by Corona - make sure that all plugins you are using are fully supported by Corona
  • Plugins missing on some of the nodes - make sure that exactly the same set of plugins is installed on all of the PCs

Some users reported similar problems when using Multitexture plugin with Distributed Rendering - most likely updating Multitexture to the newest version should fix it.

Please also make sure that your system date and time is set up correctly on all of your computers!