Render had to be aborted because a bitmap on disk changed and is being reloaded. Continuing the render could cause crash or undefined behavior. Bitmap name is: XXXX

This message appears if during rendering there is a change made to a bitmap file used in a standard 3ds Max Bitmap node. A typical case is modifying a texture in a 2D application and saving it while Corona is rendering. When this error message is displayed the rendering is stopped (to prevent crashes or other problems) and has to be restarted manually.

This message is never displayed when using interactive rendering (in such case the rendering will be automatically restarted instead).


  • Use Corona Bitmap node instead of standard 3ds Max Bitmap
    You can convert all 3ds Max bitmaps to Corona Bitmaps with a single click using the Corona converter script.

  • Enable"Lock 3dsmax during render" option in Render Setup > System > System Settings > System settings.