Error loading LUT file 'x'...

This message means that the selected LUT file could not be loaded. It is displayed for one of the following reasons:

a) File not found or cannot be opened

Solution: make sure that the LUT file is stored in a valid location, and that it can be successfully opened by other applications.

b) Unsupported file format (must be either .cube or .3dl)

Solution: use LUT files in .cube or .3dl format only. In case you are not able to use some other LUT file format - please notify us and we will do our best to add support for it. 

c) Error occured while reading the file

Possile reasons of the read error:

-the LUT file might be stored in a network location which got disconnected

-incorrect access rights (e.g. the current user is not allowed to access the LUT file)

-another application having the LUT file currently opened for writing (another instance of Corona does not lead to this though)


d) LUT file does not have standard format

Solution: send the LUT file to us for further inspection