Render element X cannot be saved to file Y. The Output Path in General Settings may be missing/incorrect.

This message appears only when using 3ds Max Render To Texture feature, if one of the render elements could not be saved after the rendering. 

Possible causes:

  • Using invalid output path
    The Render To Texture texture output path is available in the General Settings rollout of the Render To Texture window, which is collapsed by default. This path is independent from the Render Output path, which can be found in Render Setings > Common tab.

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  • Check the Render To Texture output path in the General Settings rollout at the top of the Render To Texture window. It is especially important to make sure that:
    • The path is not missing
    • If it's a network location, this location can be accessed from the current computer
    • The current Windows user has sufficient rights to access that location
    • Any file can be written in the specified location
    • There is enough disk space to save the output file
    • Valid file extension is used for the output file