How to render skin?

Skin is one of the most complex materials to render, with many properties unique to skin that cannot be covered in an all-purpose shader. The CoronaSkinMtl shader makes it easy to control and adjust the look of the skin, and renders fast and efficiently with realistic results.

The CoronaSkinMtl is a dedicated SSS material for rendering skin. Its main target is character design, however it can be used to render any type of layered SSS material including:

  • Human skin
  • Skin of animals or imaginary creatures
  • Fruit¬†
  • Rubber

CoronaSkinMtl has all necessary SSS effects enabled by default, and works out of the box, so there is virtually no action required from the user to set it up. The available properties do however allow for the creation of various types of materials:

Corona Skin Material with its default settings. This is what we get out of the box, and we can apply it to a character or other object, to achieve skin with realistic properties.

Changing the overall color to green, adding a bump map, and adjusting reflectivity parameters lets us quickly create a frog-like skin.

Another idea for utilizing the skin material is creating fruit. Such material could be used for banana or lemon peel.

The skin material can be as well used to create synthetic materials such as rubbers or plastics. 

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