How to use the Corona Camera?

What is it?

The Corona Camera can be used instead of the native 3ds Max cameras, and should be used instead of the obsolete CoronaCameraMod modifier. It can be added from the Command Panel > Cameras > Standard menu, and it features all the photographic controls that can be found in a native 3ds Max Physical Camera, plus all the Corona-specific post-processing, panorama, VR, and other options.

Note: The CoronaCameraMod modifier is still available in 3ds Max to guarantee backward compatibility for scenes saved with older versions of Corona Renderer. It should not be used in any other cases, though.

What are the advantages of the Corona Camera?

Depth of Field

Depth of Field can be easily toggled on and off from the Corona Camera’s UI, and the focus can be set by picking any object in the scene. The selected object’s pivot will be used to determine the focus point. This is especially useful if the focus should be locked on a moving object during animation.

Object Visibility

The Corona Camera has the ability to include or exclude objects in the view rendered from that specific camera. This removes the need to use the “Renderable” object property, and also allows rendering different objects from different cameras.

Interactive Rendering

As opposed to the native cameras, Interactive Rendering will not restart when changing the tone mapping parameters of a Corona Camera.

Virtual Reality and Panoramas

VR and panorama rendering can only be enabled when using the Corona Camera. They can be found under the “Projection & VR” rollout.

Additional Features

  • You can select both the Camera and its Target at the same time by clicking on the connecting line
  • You can see the Camera’s clipping planes in the viewport
  • You can easily resize the Camera’s viewport icon
  • The camera's viewport icon changes according to the currently used VR mode (spherical, cylindrical, etc.)

Exposure, tone mapping, and Corona Camera

The active Corona Camera always has the highest priority when adjusting exposure and other post-processing options.

Exposure settings available in the Render Setup > Camera rollout are considered only when:

  • Rendering outside of the Corona Camera
  • “Override” options in the Corona Camera are disabled

See: How to use photographic exposure controls?