PhoenixFD/VRayVolumeGrid in Isosurface rendering mode is currently not supported.

PhoenixFDFire, PhoenixFDLiquid, and VRay volume grid nodes feature a "Rendering" tab and the second property there is called "Mode". It decides how the PhoenixFD or VRay volume grid node is rendered. We currently support all modes except "Isosurface".

Solution: change rendering mode to any other than "Isosurface". For liquid simulations, the preferred mode is "Mesh" - according to Phoenix FD documentation:

  • Isosurface – This method requires V-Ray. Used mostly for liquid simulations. It produces a procedural isosurface geometry using the Surface section options.
  • Mesh – The content is converted into a standard 3ds Max mesh using the Surface section options. This mode is mostly used for liquids, but can be applied to thick smoke using a scatter material or to plumes of smoke to create effects such as large underwater bubbles.

The Isosurface rendering mode in Phoenix FD object interface

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