The installed version of FumeFX is not fully supported. The minimum supported version of FumeFX is 5.0.

See: Corona Renderer no longer supports FumeFX

This message means that currently there is an unsupported version of FumeFX installed. In such a case Corona Renderer will use native 3ds Max atmospheric effects to render FumeFX, which may result in incorrect, lower quality rendering.

FumeFX and Corona Renderer Compatibility

Note that FumeFX versions 5.0.0 and newer are not 100% compatible with Corona Renderer and their output should be exported to VDB format before rendering. This situation is temporary and compatibility should soon be restored.

Solution: Use VDB export from FumeFX to export your sim, then import the VDB sequence into Corona Renderer using the Corona Volume Grid:

  1. Set up your simulation

  2. Open the FumeFX menu

  3. Set up the path to a folder where the resulting VDB files will be stored:

  4. Start the simulation and wait for the VDB files to be exported

  5. Remove FumeFX from the scene, or hide it

  6. Create a Corona Volume Grid

  7. Click load from file

  8. Browse to and select all of the exported VDB files

  9. Render

These instructions are for creating the FumeFX simulation in the same scene where it will be used. Since the simulation is saved to VDB files, you can also export the simulation from a separate scene should the need arise.

See also: Volumetric FX - Known bugs and limitations