What V-Ray features are supported?

Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max introduces V-Ray support, even if V-Ray is not installed. There are multiple cases where this can be extremely useful:

  • When downloading assets which were created exclusively for V-Ray, and planning to use them in Corona Renderer. With V-Ray support, no conversion is required, and the asset loading process is reduced to a simple drag-and-drop.
  • In case of users (or even large studios), who are using one renderer or the other (or both), the asset sharing is easier between the two renderers, and between various departments. 
  • Situations where the user would like to evaluate both render engines, and then decide which one suits his needs better. In such case, he can try both render engines with the same assets, and easily compare all the differences in render output and workflow. 

Currently, in Corona Renderer 2 (released on 25.06.2018), the following V-Ray features are supported:

Further improvements on V-Ray support in Corona Renderer are planned, as well as Corona Renderer support in V-Ray. 

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