This scene uses legacy (pre Version 3) displacement. It generally has lower quality compared to Version 3 displacement and requires fine tessellation of geometry; it is, therefore, more memory intensive. It is recommended to switch the scene to the new displacement behavior.

This error message appears if the currently loaded scene was created with Corona Renderer 2 or older, and:

  • Displacement is used in it (in any material or through the Corona Displacement Modifier if you're using 3dsmax)


  • Displacement is enabled in the Common tab of the Render Setup window.

When this message is displayed, you can choose to either:

  • Keep the scene in its original state to guarantee the same displacement appearance as in Corona Renderer 2 or older.
    This is useful when re-rendering an older scene or specific frames of an animation.


  • Switch the scene to the new displacement behavior.
    This means that the new Autobump feature will be automatically enabled, and the displacement quality will be automatically optimized for better rendering performance and lower RAM usage. This might slightly change the appearance of the rendered image, improving the overall displacement quality. 

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