How to use the Corona's VFB?

Corona Renderer includes its own Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB) window and interface that has been tuned to the most common needs of artists and can provide a very decent post-production experience and results.

In Corona Renderer 4, the VFB has been further improved to enhance the usefulness and number of actions that can be performed directly from the VFB itself. These are:

  • The ability to pick objects directly from the VFB.
  • The ability to pick a point on the surface of an object to focus the Camera to (for DOF) directly from the VFB, via right-click.
  • Right-click menu in docked IR (interactive render in the viewport).

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Picking objects directly from the rendered image in the VFB

To pick an object from the rendered image and have it become selected, click the "Pick" button in the VFB toolbar:

With the "Pick" button active, you can click on any object in the rendered image and that object will be selected in 3ds Max.

Picking a point on the surface of an object for determining the focal point of the camera

To set your Camera's focal point to a certain point in space (on the surface of an object), with the "Pick" button active, right click the point in the rendered image and select the "Set focus to this point":

If your Corona Camera has Depth of Field turned on and set to override with "Value" selected as the override, Corona will calculate the distance of the picked point to the camera and set this distance as the value of the Corona Camera's override value:

If the Corona Camera you are using does not have Depth of Field activated or "Override focus" is not activated, selecting a point will change the camera's "Target distance".

The right-click menu in in-line IR

In Corona 4 a right-click menu has been added to the in-line IR that contains the following functions:

  • Set focus to this point
    Sets the Corona Camera focus point to the clicked point on the object.

  • Copy to clipboard
    Copies the IR image to clipboard

  • Copy to max
    Copies the IR image to the Max's native VFB

  • Stop
    Stops the IR in the viewport

  • Restart
    Restarts the IR in the viewport.