Corona Triplanar Texmap

CoronaTriplanar Texmap can be used to apply mapping coordinates to an object through its material. It allows the assignment and blending of one or multiple bitmaps/textures to objects that lack appropriate UV mapping.

Its operation is based on projecting bitmaps/textures on XYZ object space, with the additional option of scaling, rotation and offset translation. The mapping space transformation can be altered based on local (default) or world space but also referenced on a specified node for more preferable results. 

(CoronaTirplanar as seen on the material editor)

Corona Triplanar – Details

Input Maps

Below are default color examples on how Corona Triplanar is applied on a 3d object through its diffuse channel.

  • X for all axes (default triplanar value).

  • Separate XYZ Colors.

Map/Texture blending

Examples on how to control blending between projected maps. Higher values will give a softer blend with a less visible seam (with potential blurring), while lower values give a sharper transition between the maps.

  •  Blending amount: 0.0 - 0.5 - 1.0


UVW Transform

Mapping space specifies how to represent XYZ axes for mapping. 

  • Local space (default) will cause each object to use its own pivot. If the object is copied or rotated the mapping will stay locked.

  • World space will use the same axes for all objects and will disregard object rotation – mapping will stay locked to world coordinates.

  • Reference node is similar to local space but with a specified referenced node as a controller. Useful with helper objects.

  • Scale amount: 10 - 100 - 200 (dependable on unit setup)

  • Offset XYZ and Rotation XYZ 

(offset all axes XYZ)     

(rotation all axes XYZ)  

Corona Triplanar – Practical Examples

Use of CoronaTriplanar with Texture

Below are some practical examples of how CoronaTriplanar can be utilized in applying proper texture mapping on various primitives that lack specified mapping coordinates.

(left example with Coronatirplanar - right example without Coronatriplanar)

(left example with Coronatirplanar - right example without Coronatriplanar)

Use of CoronaTriplanar with CoronaMultimap

A suitable use for CoronaTriplanar is in conjunction with CoronaMultimap, where different types of triplanar mapping can be used per instance or material ID on certain objects for preferable results.

(a more natural flow of the texture based on object axis and CoronaTriplanar orientation)

(material setup with CoronaTriplanar and CoronaMultimap)