How to use normal maps?

Use CoronaNormal map to load normal map files you want to use as the bump map for your material. When loading the normal map file, you should always:

-set "Automatic (Recommended)" gamma setting when loading file and check "Add gamma to input" checkbox in CoronaNormal map


-set "Override gamma" to 1.0 when loading file and do not check the "Add gamma to input" checkbox in CoronaNormal map

In both cases, you should see a warning in CoronaNormal map if the loaded file is not configured properly:

Bitmap connected to CoronaNormal map used as bump map:

Final, correct result:

Wrong result:

It suggests some additional tweaking of parameters is required. Either wrong gamma settings were used when loading the bitmap, or it is required to change settings in "RGB channels manipulation" section in CoronaNormal map. This depends on how the normal map file was prepared and can be solved by observing how the object looks after enabling/disabling each setting.