How to add daylight to my scene?

There are two ways of adding daylight to your scene:

1. Using 3ds Max's native daylight system:

Go to Create > Systems, pick Daylight and create it anywhere. In its settings set CoronaSun as Sunlight. Skylight setting does not need to be changed, as the default 3ds Max Skylight will be ignored by Corona. Next, go to Rendering > Envronment and set CoronaSky as background environment map.

2. Using dedicated Corona sun and sky:

Go to Command Panel > Create > Lights > Corona, pick CoronaSun and create it anywhere. Next, simply select the Sun object and press "Add CoronaSky environment" in its settings, or go to Rendering > Envronment and set a new CoronaSky map as background environment map.

In both cases, CoronaSky will be linked to CoronaSun so if you change CoronaSun's position, the sky will change accordingly.

Note: if you want to change CoronaSky's appearance manually, simply drag it from Environment slot into Material Editor as an Instance and change desired parameters.