[pre-1.2] My displacement is not smooth, I can see polygons!

--- problems and solutions described in this article refer mainly to pre-1.2 versions of Corona ---

If your displacement looks "blocky" or you can see individual polygons, this probably means your displaced mesh is not tessellated enough. To fix this, add "TurboSmooth", "Tesselate", "Subdivide" or similar modifier to increase mesh density of your displaced object.

Displacement applied to a low-poly mesh, individual polygons are visible:

The same object after applying TurboSmooth modifier to it:

It may also mean that in Render setup > Performance under "displacement" section, incorrect values are used (correct values are: Screen size: 2,0px or less, Max subdiv per poly: 100 or more).

Incorrect appearance of displacement caused by wrong "Screen size" value:

Incorrect appearance of displacement caused by wrong "Max subdiv per poly" value:

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