How to change exposure during rendering?

To change your image's exposure and other color mapping settings in real-time during rendering, go to Post tab > Tone mapping in Corona's VFB:


Go to Render Setup > Camera > Postprocessing/Tone mapping:

...and either use simple exposure:

...or photographic exposure:

Note: if you are rendering from a camera with CoronaCameraMod enabled:

  • "Exposure" value in VFB and in render settings will be ignored and inactive.
  • Photographic Exposure values in render settings will be ignored.
  • Other color mapping settings (highlight compression, white balance, contrast, tint) will be ignored if "Enable override" is checked in CoronaCameraMod settings.

Note #2: keep in mind that if you change exposure during rendering, and then render again with the same exposure settings, the two images may slightly differ in brightness. This is related to the "Max Sample Intensity" parameter and is not a bug. 


Exposure can also be changed using the Corona Camera