How to use the Corona Scatter?

Tutorial: Corona Scatter Foliage

Corona Scatter Carpet tutorial:

CScatter is Corona's dedicated scattering system. It can be used to efficiently produce effects like grass, hair, forests, carpets. CScatter can be used in combination with CProxy objects.

To scatter objects:

1. Go to Create > Geometry > Corona and create CScatter anywhere in your scene

2. Pick distribution object or objects 

3. Pick instanced (scattered) objects

4. Adjust parameters

In CScatter, you can use density and scale maps for scattered objects. 

Note: creating large amounts of instanced objects may have impact on viewport performance. It is advised to decrease the amount of displayed objects under "Display" rollout in CScatter parameters.


1. Carpet created using CScatter object:

Strand objects:


2. More detailed geometry was used for carpet's strands:

Strand objects:

3. Grass created using CScatter:

4. Forest created using CScatter with procedural noise as density and scale map: