How to convert V-Ray / Mental Ray / other renderer scenes to Corona?

Note: the converter will only work if you have both Corona and the other renderer installed on the machine where you are using it. It is fine to use the trial or even expired trial license of the other renderer. 
For example - if you are converting V-Ray materials to Corona, you need to have both Corona and V-Ray installed on your computer. 

What is the Converter Script?

The easiest way to convert your scenes from other renderers is using Corona Converter script by Martin "Deadclown" Geupel. This tool is bundled within Corona installer and is installed into 3ds Max 20XX/scripts/CoronaRenderer folder. It converts most materials, maps, lights, and even proxies from Vray, Mental Ray, Final Render, and other renderers with a single click. Usually the result is very close to the original non-Corona rendering, although sometimes additional manual tweaking of materials or lights may be necessary.

How to use it?

To run it, simply right-click in your 3ds Max viewport after installing Corona, and pick the "Corona Converter" item from the lower-right quad menu.

If you cannot find the converter in 3ds Max quad menu, you will most probably need to locate the script file (scripts/CoronaRenderer/ and drag-and-drop it into your 3ds Max viewport. Corona Converter window should appear, with multiple conversion options and a short readme.
It is also possible to use the Converter via maxscript commands. See the full documentation with examples here: Corona Converter maxscript documentation

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