I am getting BSODs (Blue Screens Of Death)!

User software running on modern operating systems (Windows NT/XP/VIsta/7/8/10...) cannot cause BSODs. BSODs are usually caused by corrupted Windows installation, faulty drivers, or hardware instability.

While Corona Renderer cannot cause BSODs directly, it can trigger a BSOD indirectly by stressing the hardware which might be unstable under load. Corona can cause more BSODs than other software because during rendering it is heavily stressing all CPU cores (as well as RAM, to a lesser extent) for prolonged periods of time, and tries to use all CPU execution units as much as possible.

If you are frequently getting BSODs try running stability/performance tests to see if your system has any problems.

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Useful tools:
Memtest - memory test
Prime95 - CPU stress test
HWMonitor - monitor various parameters of hardware
SpeedFan - monitor voltages, fan speeds, temperatures and more
CoreTemp - compact temperature monitoring application