Issues with automatic subscription renewals

If you have successfully purchased a Corona Renderer license, our payment system should automatically collect the payment from your credit card / PayPal account each month (in case of monthly-paid FairSaaS licenses), or each year (in case of yearly-paid FairSaaS licenses or Box+Subscription licenses), unless you cancel your subscription. 

This guide is intended to help you continue running your subscription if a payment issue has occurred, or renew your subscription in case it has already been deactivated.

Possible Causes of an Automatic Renewal Failure

Most common causes of renewal failures include:

  • Insufficient funds available for your credit card / PayPal account.
    Solution: make sure you have enough funds on your account. It is best to add at least 25% more funds than the cost of an actual single subscription renewal, because in some cases banks or credit card companies apply additional temporary charges during the purchase. Such charges are usually no larger than 1 EUR, and are automatically returned after about a week. Other possibilities are additional taxes, which are applied to all purchases within the European Union unless a valid EU VAT ID is entered during the purchase.

  • Your credit card / account has been blocked by your bank or credit card issuer.
    Solution: contact your bank or your credit card issuer (such as Visa or Master Card) and explain to them the current situation in detail. When paying using PayPal - contact PayPal.

  • Only one, or a limited number of payments is allowed for your credit card.
    Solution: contact your bank or your credit card issuer (such as Visa or Master Card) and request assistance how to increase the limit.

  • There has been a recent change of the customer details registered to the bank account you are using for the payment.
    Solution: purchase a new subscription using the new customer details, or update your payment method.

What to do?

1. Update your payment method:
For specific instructions, see: I need to update my customer details!

2. Try placing a new order in our online store. This will start a new subscription and issue a new license for you.

Sometimes the automatic renewal of your existing subscription fails, but a new subscription can be purchased without any issues. Once you have purchased a new subscription, you can safely cancel your previous, problematic one by accessing your subscription management page and using the "cancel subscription" option. 

If you are unable to buy a new subscription, this may reveal some further information such as specific errors, which can help us understand the root cause of the payment issue.

3. Contact us.
It is best to submit a new support ticket. We will inform you about possible causes of the rebilling failure and suggest solutions. When submitting the ticket, please include your first and last name, order number and last 4 digits of the credit card number, which was used for the purchase (this is for security reasons).
After we have received your request for help, we will immediately contact our online store operator - even if you have already done so. They should be able to help in most situations.

4. If the issue is impossible for us to solve:
Please contact your bank / credit card issuer (such as Visa or Master Card) and request assistance, as they may provide some important information or the solution itself.

5. If all solutions known to us fail:
We will arrange some other payment method - for example a direct sale from our company by wire transfer. Please understand that due to technical reasons, we will consider this step only for extreme cases, after all other solutions fail.

See also: General guide on payment issues