I am getting "Error creating file output" message!

This error message is not related to Corona Renderer - it also appears when using any other renderer. It is displayed by 3ds Max if there is an incorrect path set:

  • For your render output (Render Setup > Common > Common Parameters > Render Output)


  • For one or more of your render elements



  • Make sure that render output path ( Render Setup > Common > Common Parameters > Render Output ) and all render elements' output paths are valid - this means that they can be reached by the PC which is currently rendering, and that they have not been removed.


  • If it is caused by an invalid output path, then you can clear it:

  1. Close "Render Setup" window
  2. Copy this line into MAXScript listener (F11, or the pink box in the lower-left corner of the 3Ds Max UI):

    rendOutputFilename = ""


Note: you can also check and edit the main output path and render element paths in the asset tracker (Shift+T).