I am getting "Error creating file output" message!

This is not a Corona Renderer error. It is a 3ds Max error.

It also appears when using any other renderer. It is displayed by 3ds Max if there is an incorrect path set:

  • For your render output (Render Setup > Common > Common Parameters > Render Output)


  • For one or more of your render elements



  • Make sure that render output path ( Render Setup > Common > Common Parameters > Render Output ) and all render elements' output paths are valid - this means that they can be reached by the PC which is currently rendering, and that they have not been removed.


  • If it is caused by an invalid output path, then you can clear it by making sure the paths shown below are empty both for "Render Output" and for each render element (select each render element in the list in turn and clear the path for each):

Alternate and faster way to clear the paths is as follows:

  1. Close "Render Setup" window
  2. Copy this line into MAXScript listener (F11, or the pink box in the lower-left corner of the 3Ds Max UI):

    rendOutputFilename = ""


Note: you can also check and edit the main output path and render element paths in the asset tracker (Shift+T).