Required asset file could not be located

This message occurs when some of the scene assets required for rendering are missing, or their paths were not correctly resolved. This can apply to texture maps, proxies, IES profiles, and others.

Possible causes:

  • Asset paths are pointing to incorrect locations
  • The asset files have been removed
  • The assets are not missing, but 3ds Max cannot reach them for some reason
  • In distributed rendering - DrServer running in administrator mode


Assets missing in distributed rendering

If this problem is reported by a slave during distributed rendering, this may suggest that the slave cannot access the assets, which are accessible for the master PC. In such a case, please open the asset tracking window (Shift+T) and make sure that you are using UNC paths ( \\server\path\ ) instead of local drive paths ( C:\path\ ).

See: Converting local paths to UNC

Another possible cause of problems with missing assets is DrServer running in elevated mode (as administrator). Please see: Missing maps/assets - DrServer is running with elevated UAC rights