There is not enough system memory to process displacement at current settings. Stopping render.

This error will occur whenever Corona fails to allocate estimated amount of memory for displacement at current resolution. Once this error occurs, Corona will stop rendering to prevent system instability and potential crashes.

Possible causes:

  • Using displacement pixel size value inadequate to desired resolution
  • Too many memory-expensive applications running alongside 3ds Max
  • Using World space displacement mode on large scene areas and/or with small unit size value
  • Using combination of resolution and displacement pixel size inadequate to amount of RAM memory installed in computer


  • Make sure there are no memory-expensive applications running alongside 3ds Max
  • In case of using World space displacement mode, make sure you use it reasonably
  • Make sure your resolution and displacement quality setting is adequate to the amount of memory you have at your disposal
  • If the scene was created in an earlier version of Corona, you will be asked to switch to a "new displacement behavior" when loading it. Make sure you do as this will activate the new displacement algorithm which uses significantly less RAM. More information can be found here: what is the autobump feature?

For further RAM optimization hints, see this guide