Scene bounding box is too large, some shading artifacts may occur. Scene bounding box is [dimensions].

This message will notify you that your scene extents are exceeding reasonable size. Scene with too large bounding box will often cause artifacts, such as flickering, deformed or distorted polygons and texture maps.

Possible causes:

  • Your scene is modeled in an incorrect scale (e.g. everything object is 10 times larger than it should)
  • You have chosen wrong system units for the scene type (e.g. kilometers instead of millimeters)
  • Scene or any part of it is very far away from the scene origin (origin = 0,0,0 coordinates)


  • Make sure your scene is modeled in a correct scale
  • Make sure your scene is centered at the scene origin, and there are no objects very distant from the origin
  • Make sure you have chosen right system units for the type of scene you are working on (millimeters for small objects and closeups; centimeters for rooms and houses; meters for cities and landscapes; kilometers for aerial views, continents or planets)