Corona Converter script is not working!

Note: the converter will only work if you have both Corona and the other renderer installed on the machine where you are using it. It is fine to use the trial or even expired trial license of the other renderer. 
For example - if you are converting V-Ray materials to Corona, you need to have both Corona and V-Ray installed on your computer 

The below solutions apply to the cases where:

  • The converter script is not working
  • The max-script window appears and shows an error message
  • After running the converter script (selecting it from the quad menu, or drag-and-dropping into the viewport) the script window flashes for one second, and then disappears

Possible solutions:

1) As the first step, manually remove Corona Converter.ini file from C: \ Users \ *** Username *** \ AppData \ Local \ Autodesk \ 3dsMax \ 20 ** - 64bit \ ENU \ en-US \ plugcf\CoronaConverter.ini

Then restart 3ds Max. If the issue persist, proceed to step 2:

2) Warning! This will reset all user settings of 3ds Max - if you wish to keep them, please backup the files before deleting them!

3) Set Maxscript initial heap allocation to 256 MB in 3ds Max settings as instructed in the attached screenshots and then restart 3ds Max: