How to enable the "Development / Experimental stuff" rollout?

This guide is for post-1.5 versions of Corona. For older versions, see: Where can I find "Development / Experimental stuff" rollout (pre-1.5)?

This rollout should be accessed only in special cases, if instructed by Corona developers or tech support team, or if the user is fully aware of what he is doing. Generally it is not recommended to enable this rollout, or to change any settings listed in there.

To enable the "Development / Experimental stuff" rollout in Corona 1.5 or newer:
  1. Go to Render Setup > System
  2. Click on "System settings" button
  3. In the "System settings" window check "Enable devel/debug mode"
  4. Go to Render Setup > Performance
  5. The "Development / Experimental stuff" rollout can now be found at the bottom of the Performance tab

Note: options enabled in the "System settings" window are system-wide, which means that they will be valid for any newly created, or opened scene, even if it was previously saved with different settings!