Corona Uvw Randomizer Map

The CoronaUvwRandomizer map allows applying random offset / rotation / scale to textures and procedural maps assigned to different objects. The way it works is similar to the Corona MultiMap. For example, you can randomize a wood texture applied to a set of planks so that each has a different look in your final render.

CoronaUvwRandomizer has several modes of operation, which determine how separate randomizations are determined:

  • Primitives varies the UVWs for separate objects with the same material that uses the CoronaUvwRandomizer assigned (i.e. non-instanced and non-referenced objects each get different randomized UVWs).
  • Material varies the UVWs depending to the materials already applied to the object or subobjects (each different material gets a different UVWs).
  • Instance varies the UVWs for different instances of the objects.
  • MaterialID varies the UVWs between material IDs of an object or subobject.
  • Material GbufferID varies the UVWs between the Geometry buffer IDs of previously applied materials to a subobject the map is applied to.
  • Object GbufferID varies the UVWs between objects with different Geometry buffer IDs.
  • Mesh Element varies the UVWs between mesh elements of an object the map is applied to.

Note: the effect of the UVW Randomizer map will not be visible in the viewport preview. 


When applying a single material to multiple duplicated objects, an obvious pattern may appear, which makes the rendering unrealistic:

The CoronaUvwRanzomier map can be used to quickly fix this and randomize the transforms of the distributed texture: