How to use the Corona Material Library?

What is it?

The Corona Material Library has been introduced in Corona Renderer 1.7 as a part of the installation package. It is downloaded automatically during the installation, but can be also installed manually in offline mode.

It provides more than 300 ready to use materials, each with a high quality preview. The library in is mainly intended for beginner users and for those having problems with setting up basic materials, but may be as well useful to advanced users. The most common uses of the material library include:

  • Quickly painting scene objects with realistic materials (this can greatly speed up workflow)
  • Using the material presets as bases for creating own ones (great for users inexperienced with material creation, introducing variation to scene)
  • Using the material presets as references for creating new materials from scratch (great if you are having trouble setting up some specific material)

How to open it?

You can find the Material Library:

  • Under the new "Corona" item in the main menu:

  • In the Scene tab of the Render Setup dialog:

What are its features?

  • Materials can be viewed by category
  • Set and view only favorites
  • Drag and drop materials into the viewport, Slate, and Compact material editors
  • Assign a material to the objects selected in the scene
  • Select all objects in the scene that use a certain material
  • Many of the materials don’t need UV mapping, as they use the Corona Triplanar map
  • It can be installed in offline mode

Future improvements

As with other features of Corona Renderer, we are planning to improve the material library in the upcoming versions. This mainly includes the ability to add own material presets and categories, and to organize them according to own needs. Further ideas include:

  • Ability to easily scale textures and material properties (scale of the triplanar map, displacement, absorption,...)
  • Easier way to store the material library data on a network drive
  • More material presets
  • UI improvements

Why are some of the materials using the Real World Scale option, and others the Corona Triplanar Map?

Materials using both of those solutions should be used in slightly different situations. For more information, see this forum thread: [link]

In case of any issues with the material library, please contact us.