Volumetric FX - Known bugs and limitations

Currently Corona Renderer does not support features of various volumetric simulation plugins in one hundred percent. This is mainly due to the fact that those plugins have been developed with other renderers in mind, where, unlike in Corona, it is common to follow non-physical workflows. Another reason is that these plugins support various advanced VFX features, which are currently out of scope for Corona Renderer.

This article contains a list of known issues related to Corona Renderer and volumetric simulation plugins, and suggested solutions and workarounds. This includes: 

Phoenix FD

PhoenixFD/VRayVolumeGrid in Isosurface rendering mode is currently not supported.

Phoenix FD Foam rendering is not supported.

The installed version of PhoenixFD is not fully supported. The minimum supported version of PhoenixFD is 3.10.00.

The installed version of V-Ray is not fully supported. The minimum required version to render VRayVolumeGrid is V-Ray 4.0.

Fume FX

Corona Renderer currently ignores illumination map settings of FumeFX nodes.

Corona Renderer currently ignores motion blur settings of FumeFx nodes.


Corona currently does not support FumeFX with Space Warps.

Corona Renderer currently only supports rendering of FumeFx nodes using the Standard shader.

The installed version of FumeFX is not fully supported. The minimum supported version of FumeFX is 4.12.