The Corona Renderer Official Toolbar is not working correctly!

This guide contains a list of possible issues with the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar and solutions to them.

1. How to reset the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar to its initial state?

Removing the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar from the Customize User Interface > Toolbars dialog and restarting 3ds Max will result in resetting the toolbar to its initial state - without any previously added user icons, and with previously removed icons restored. This is recommended as the first step when dealing with any issues related to the toolbar (such as missing buttons, no reaction to mouse clicks, incorrect name, or other issues listed in this guide). 

Here is how to do it:

  • Go to Customize > Customize User Interface > Toolbars, then click on the drop-down list in the top-right part of the window, and look for the "Corona Renderer Official Toolbar":

  • Remove this item by pressing the "Delete..." button:

Upon 3ds Max restart, the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar will be reset to its initial state. If the issue is not resolved after 3ds Max restart, please contact us.

2. I can't find the toolbar, it's not visible!

This may be caused by the toolbar being hidden. If that's the case, simply make sure that the toolbar is unhidden by right-clicking in the 3ds Max UI (for example on the top 3ds Max menu) and selecting the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar:

If the above solution does not work, please delete the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar as instructed in point 2 below, and restart 3ds Max. This will restore the toolbar to its initial state. 

3. "Corona Toolbar" or other name is visible instead of "Corona Renderer Official Toolbar"

If you can see a toolbar called "Corona Toolbar" or similar, but not "Corona Official Toolbar" or "Corona Renderer Official Toolbar", either floating separately, or in addition to the official one, it is an old version and it can be safely removed. To remove it, follow the procedure explained in point 1. "How to reset the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar to its initial state?". 

Note: "Corona Toolbar" is an old name that we used for the official toolbar in the first versions of Corona Renderer where it was included. Later, we found out that this name conflicts with some 3rd-party toolbars, because 3ds Max identifies toolbars by names. Therefore, we decided to rename our toolbar to "Corona Official Toolbar" (in Corona Renderer 5 and older) and "Corona Renderer Official Toolbar" (in Corona Renderer 6 and newer) so that it does not conflict with the other ones.

4. The toolbar is visible, but nothing happens when clicking the icons, and there are random characters in the tooltips when hovering the mouse cursor over any of the toolbar icons.

This issue happens rarely and we are not sure what exactly is causing it. If you encounter it, please contact us so that we can investigate it and provide a proper solution.

5. I have added my own button in the Corona Official Toolbar, but it disappeared!

In Corona Renderer 6 and newer: this issue should not be happening. If you experience it, please report it to us

In Corona Renderer 5 or older: this may happen in 3ds Max 2018 and newer as in these versions of 3ds Max our toolbar does not support saving its state between sessions. If you wish to add your own buttons, you need to create your own toolbar or place them in a different part of the 3ds Max UI. 

6. My problem is not described in this guide!

If you are having some other problem with the Corona Renderer Official Toolbar, which is not described here, please contact us about it and provide as many details as possible (a good description of the problem, screenshots showing the problem, the versions of Windows, 3ds Max, and Corona that you are using). 

See: How to report issues?