How to perform silent installation and uninstallation

Starting from Corona Renderer version 2, the universal installer and uninstaller can be run with the following command line parameters:

Installer and uninstaller:

-h or --help
Displays command line help.

Installer only:



Runs the installation in console mode with no user input. It is the same as running the typical installation option in GUI, accepting the EULA, and finishing the installation process.

Uninstaller only:


-n or --noGui

Runs the uninstallation in console mode with no user input (no confirmation prompt). In this mode the uninstaller is not able to delete itself so C:\Program Files\Corona\RemoveCoronaForMax.exe will be left on disk after the uninstallation is finished.

Known issues:

  • Console mode may not work as expected when run directly from the Windows command line console. In such case the console will not wait for the installer (or uninstaller) to finish, and will display new prompt. It will also capture and accept user input while the installer (or uninstaller) is running and printing into the console.
    Solution: The issue will not appear when using a .bat file or any other script, which is the intended use case. In this case the script correctly waits for the installer (or uninstaller) to finish before proceeding.