How to enable and control motion blur?


How to enable motion blur?

The easiest and recommended way to enable and control motion blur is by adding a Corona Camera object, enabling the motion blur in its settings, and then adjusting the camera's shutter speed. The Corona Camera settings always have the highest priority, so even if motion blur is disabled in some other place (such as the render setup window), it will still work when rendering from that Corona Camera. 

If you wish to use motion blur outside of the Corona Camera (e.g. when rendering from a free perspective view, or from other types of cameras):

Go to Render Setup > Camera > Camera > Motion blur and:

  • check "Enable camera" to enable motion blur generated by camera movement
  • check "Enable geometry" to enable motion blur generated by scene geometry

For complete motion blur solution, select both.

Motion blur's appearance is affected by photographic exposure controls (see examples section below).

Motion blur quality

The quality of motion blur is mainly dependent on anti-aliasing (AA samples). To focus computing power more on anti-aliasing than on GI-sampling, you can decrease "GI vs. AA balance" and/or "Light Samples Multiplier" values - see: Where are supersampling / antialiasing controls in Corona?


1. Motion blur - shutter speed 1/10s

2. Motion blur - shutter speed 1/25s

3. Motion blur - shutter speed 1/50s

4. Motion blur - shutter speed 1/125s