Renderstamp variables

These symbols, when put into the render stamp text in Render Setup > System > Frame Buffer > Render stamp, get replaced with corresponding statistics/render information:

  Symbol     Meaning  
%pr Performance: Rays per second
%pp Performance: Passes
%pt Performance: Total elapsed time
%ps Performance: Rays per sample
Performance: Sample error (since version 1.4)
%sl Scene: Number of light primitives
%so Scene: Number of objects
%sp Scene: Number of portals
%si Scene: Number of instanced primitives
%su Scene: Number of unique primitives
%c CPU name
%i This computer name
%f Currently rendered filename
%n Actual frame number
%d Current date/time
%b Corona build datestamp
%v Current camera name
Output filename, if specified

This works exactly the same for renderstamp and for autosave filenames.