How to add rounded edges effect to materials?

To add rounded edges to materials, add a CoronaRoundEdges map, and plug it into the material's Bump slot:

The CoronaRoundEdges map simulates rounded edges on materials, however this is just a shading effect, and the geometry is not really chamfered. This effect is useful for adding detail to geometric forms such as machine parts, and to add subtle chamfer to walls in interior visualizations. 


The objects at the top are using the CoronaRoundEdges map. The geometry edges are actually hard.

The bottom objects are actually chamfered. There is virtually no difference between the appearance of the objects which are chamfered, and the ones which are using the CoronaRoundEdges map. 

(click to enlarge and see more details)

The wireframe view shows that only the bottom objects are really chamfered.