How to render using Corona Standalone?

Corona Standalone is intended for use with special exporters. It does not yet come in a "studio" version with graphic interface. All properties from 3ds Max can be exported into it, and developers of exporters from other software have access to all features.

If you want to prepare a scene in some application unsupported by Corona and render it using Corona Standalone, then the only option available for now is to import the model to other supported application (3ds Max, Cinema 4D,...), or to write an exporter script that saves the model, lights and materials as OBJ file.

For additional information on Corona Standalone, see:
Corona Standalone - Corona Renderer wiki

Simple Guide

Note: this example requires 3ds Max installed!

1. Install the current stable release of Corona Standalone, which is available in our universal installer, or download the newest experimental version from our daily builds folder.

2. Place all the downloaded files (CoronaStandalone_Release.exe + .dll files) in one folder

3. Prepare your scene for rendering and save it in a desired location (easiest way is to create a simple scene in 3ds Max, go to development/experimental stuff rollout, and press the "Export+Render" button)

4. Run CoronaStandalone_Release.exe - a window should appear asking for a file to be rendered. If you are using an older version of Corona Standalone, you will need to run CoronaStandalone_Release.exe with additional argument:

Example: C:\Corona_standalone\CoronaStandalone_Release.exe C:\test_scene\test.scn

5. Your scene should start rendering in Corona VFB.