Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Daily Builds

The daily builds are newest versions of Corona Renderer intended mainly for testing purposes and to showcase the recently added features. They contain the latest bugfixes, but are not guaranteed to be stable, and in some cases can even damage scene files.

See: Daily Builds forum section

Daily Builds Eligibility

  • Everyone with an active license has access
  • Can be also used with the 45-day trial license
  • No requests / applications are necessary

How to Install the Daily Builds

  1. If you haven't done it yet, install a regular version of Corona Renderer, and then activate your license.
  2. Go to and download a daily build. They are located in folders named using the date when they were created (e.g. 2017-04-26), or are available as installers (e.g. Corona_2017-04-26.exe).
    Note: daily builds marked with the current date and the word "assert" should be used in special cases only. See: Assert builds
  3. In case of using a daily build installer, no further steps are needed once the installation is finished - you can simply launch 3ds Max and start using the new version. 
  4. In case of downloading a folder with the daily build files inside - copy over the files to your 3ds Max root folder. Make sure that all new files overwrite the already present ones. (all .dll files, "plugins", and "scripts" folders should go into your Autodesk\3ds Max 20XX folder)

Daily Builds changelog

There is a separate forum topic for that. You can find it in this forum section:,19.0.html (e.g. "Corona Renderer version 2 Daily Builds Changelog")

Daily Builds - Rules

    Always make backups of important projects! Daily builds may contain unfinished features and may not be stable - they may damage your scenes, freeze your 3ds Max, make you miss your deadline. Reverting scenes from daily to stable builds might not always be possible! Use daily builds with caution and common sense.

    To report a bug, send us a support ticket, or start a forum thread. Discussion "Is this a bug?" is acceptable, but if something is clearly broken, please use the appropriate channels.
    For further details on bug reporting, see: How to report issues? 

    Although we do not require signing NDA beforehand, we ask you not to repost info/screenshots/videos of unfinished features outside of Corona Renderer website. It could make Corona look unfinished/unstable to outsiders. When in doubt, ask first before reposting.


How to revert to the official release?

Simply run the Universal Installer and install Corona Renderer again.

Note: no backward compatibility is guaranteed! Scenes saved with a newer version may be impossible to open with an older version!

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