Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Daily Builds

The daily builds are newest, experimental versions of Corona Renderer intended mainly for testing purposes and to showcase the recently added features. They contain the latest bugfixes, but are not guaranteed to be stable, and in some cases can even damage scene files.

The first place to visit when looking for daily builds is our forum:

Daily Builds Forum Section

  • New daily builds are announced in a form of a changelog (e.g. Corona Renderer 6 for 3ds Max - Daily Builds Changelog). You can get an email notification each time a new daily build is released (a new entry in the changelog is added) by using the "Notify" button on the forum.

  • General discussion about a daily build and basic feedback can be shared in the dedicated discussion thread (e.g. Corona Renderer 6 for 3ds Max - Daily Builds Discussion), however in case of encountering bugs or other issues it is best to report them directly to us

Daily Builds Eligibility

  • Everyone with an active license has access
  • Can be also used with the 45-day trial license
  • No requests / applications are necessary

Daily Builds - Rules

    Always make backups of important projects before opening them with a daily build installed! Daily builds may contain unfinished features and may not be stable - they may damage your scenes, freeze your 3ds Max, make you miss your deadline. Saving a scene with a daily build and opening it with a regular version of Corona Renderer is usually impossible. Use daily builds with caution and common sense.

    User feedback is very important to us and drives Corona Renderer development, so if you encounter any bug in a daily build, please always report it to us. Here is how to do it correctly: How to report issues?

    Although we do not require signing NDA beforehand, we ask you not to repost info/screenshots/videos of unfinished features outside of Corona Renderer website without explicitly stating that it comes from an experimental version. It could make Corona Renderer look unfinished or unstable to outsiders. When in doubt, ask first before reposting.

How to Install the Daily Builds

  1. Go to
  2. Download the newest daily build. Each daily build comes as an installer named with its version and publication date (e.g. corona-6-3dsmax-daily-2019-12-12.exe). 
  3. Run the installer and proceed with the installation as you would in case of a regular Corona Renderer version. 
  4. Start 3ds Max and check out the awesome new features and improvements!

Note 1: as with the regular versions of Corona Renderer, installing the Corona Material Library and the NVIDIA GPU AI Denoiser is optional. You can also download them once and install them from your disk instead of downloading them each time when installing Corona Renderer.
See: Material Library and NVIDIA GPU AI Denoiser

Note 2: when Corona Renderer 6 or newer is installed, it is possible to easily switch between the versions. This is useful for example if you want to compare the features or performance of the regular version of Corona Renderer with a daily build.
See: How to run different versions at the same time?

Note 3: it is fine to install a daily build over the currently installed version of Corona Renderer, however in case of any issues with the installation or 3ds Max start, the first thing to do is to perform a fresh installation by uninstalling Corona Renderer from the Windows "Programs" list, and then installing the newest daily build again.


How to revert to the official release?

If you found out that a daily build is not working for you as expected, it crashes, or there are some other issues with it, please first report it to us. After submitting the report, you can revert to the stable version by simply running the Universal Installer and installing Corona Renderer again.

Note: no forward compatibility is guaranteed! Scenes saved with a newer version may be impossible to open with an older version!

See also: Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D Daily Builds