Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Tentative Roadmap

You can see the things we are working on right now in our tentative roadmap under the following link:

Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Tentative Roadmap


We believe in keeping you informed about our latest development plans for Corona Renderer, and that's what the Road Map is for. But there are some things we ask you to keep in mind while reading the Road Map:

  • The items listed are ones we¬†hope and plan to work on.
  • However, due to the nature of software development on something as sophisticated and complex as a mature render engine, there is no guarantee or promise¬†that these will make it into the final release. Our plans may have to change at any time, even very close to release - on rare occasions, even after something has made it in to a daily build. A deal-breaker can show up unexpectedly at any time, so please do not pin your hopes and expectations on anything listed here!
  • All that we can promise is that we will keep the Road Map updated with the latest information from this development cycle: if something changes and we believe a feature won't make it in to the next version, we'll update the Road Map as soon as we know that. Also, if it turns out something can be added this development cycle, we'll add it onto the Road Map as soon as we know.
  • Most features have Checklists. You can get an idea of how likely something is to make it into the final release by opening up that particular feature and viewing the Checklist. The more items that are marked as complete, the further development has reached without hitting any deal breakers. Of course, that doesn't mean one can't appear even at the last minute, but that does get less likely as development progresses.

If you would like to know more about how we decide what to work on next, and why it is that plans can change unexpectedly, we'll be publishing a blog post sometime soon that will take you behind the scenes (we'll update this card with a link as soon as it is live.

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