You have 3ds Max bitmap paging enabled. This is known to drastically reduce performance of textures while rendering

This message is caused by having 3ds Max bitmap paging feature enabled. Bitmap paging often drastically reduces rendering performance. It is always strongly suggested to disable it.

Possible causes:

Scene file has 3ds Max bitmap paging enabled.


  1. Open 3ds Max Asset Tracker (Shift+T)
  2. In the top menu, under Bitmap Performance and Memory, uncheck “Enable Bitmap Paging”
  3. Save your 3ds Max scene
  4. Close 3ds Max
  5. Start 3ds Max again
  6. Open your scene
  7. Open 3ds Max Asset Tracker and make sure “Enable Bitmap Paging” menu entry is still disabled

Note: Disabling 3ds Max Bitmap Paging requires complete 3ds Max restart to take effect!

See: Bitmap Paging forum thread